Every year fall comes to L.A. in a form of irony. Everything – shorter daylight, distant sun, autumn harvests, cooler nights, “ber” on the month on your calendar – says fall is here except for the long vertical red line on the thermometer that peaks past triple digits. L.A. summer hates fall. They are big rivals who put on a nasty fight before giving into winter if you could even call it that.

My final quarter of 2014 is shaping up. I have couple shows lined up – more on this later – keeping me busier than ever.

I have been thinking a lot about “branding” for my somewhat disjointed business. I still can’t put my finger on it as to what it singularly wants to be (or maybe it doesn’t have to be a singular thing). I have been journaling a lot to refine my thoughts and to remain true to who I am. Forget what I was taught about branding at school and in work forces. As far as I am concerned, I feel that I could only put out there what is really me. Pretty packaging doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t represent the content well. Kind of like L.A. isn’t L.A. without the seemingly endless summers.

I thought I will have figured these things out by the time autumn show rolls around, but it’s turning out to be a progressive unfoldment requiring my patience. The trick is I need to figure out a way to move forward even in ambiguity. Do I make any sense? Is it summer or is it fall?

Last playoff season for the Los Angeles Kings has been truly remarkable and inspiring. These past five years or so that I’ve been following hockey, I have grown to love this team with these particular team members, the general manager, the coach and the announcers. If you’ve been coming here for a while, you know that that I have this love-hate relationship with this city. The Kings is definitely one of the things that tips the scale slightly more towards the love side.

Each series has been miraculous as it has been difficult. Anyone who follow any league sports would agree that teams that make it into playoffs are exceptional just by virtue of making it that far. Who is to say one team is better than the other at that point? Somehow and in a very dramatic fashion, the Kings have pulled it off again. It was marvelous.

Here is the video that was just recently published that highlights the final series against the New York Rangers. My favorite version thus far. And I like that they show the winning moment with Bob Miller’s play by play.

Kopitar, Brown, Doughty, Green, Williams, Carter, Quick… I can’t wait to see the games again.

I love winter.


I feel pretty good about going through the list of neglected things that I’ve been wanting to do in Los Angeles. I’ve been here for the most of my life, but as spread out as L.A. is, there are many little corners that I have never known about or been too. Carroll Avenue off of Echo Park Lake is one of them.

It’s a little segment of a street north of downtown that has the highest density of Victorian era houses in the city. Whether one is into Victorian architecture is altogether a different matter. It is the preservation efforts that deserve recognition here, because as you walk down the street, you can’t help but get the sense of history that these structures tell and appreciate the changes of times. It makes you feel that your life and its daily struggles are insignificant – in a good way, in a big picture sort of way.

If you are not pressed for time, it’s best to park your car on one end and walk to the other with a camera in hand. Even if you end up taking pictures of every single house, it will be less than 30 minutes of your time. And you will be glad that you have given yourself this enriching little tour. Oh, a random fact for L.A. Marathon runners: You know when you finally come out of downtown area and start running down towards the Echo Park Lake alongside the 101 Freeway? Carroll Avenue is only a block north of and runs parallel to that street.

A walk on Carroll Avenue – check!

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Between road trips and whatever else that got me occupied, I kept forgetting to reorder these capsules. I finally remembered, and they arrived the other day. I must have been super elated when I opened the door and saw the mailman with the Nespresso box in his hands. He couldn’t help but laughing at me. I feel pretty silly for blogging about my coffee replenishment, especially when this is not even a sponsored post, but hey, Nespresso is really good coffee, what can I say. I really enjoyed early morning walks to the neighborhood Starbucks in the interim however, so I might switch it up every now and then. It’s the simple things. I’m thankful.


It’s this annoying thing that started about four years ago after I fell and hit my head hard on an icy trail while snowboarding. This is the third episode since then, not counting the milder ones here and there in between. I wouldn’t call it debilitating, but definitely self-limiting, especially when you’re trying to log a certain mileage per week for an impending marathon. Also makes yoga impossible when downward facing dog makes you feel as if you’re doing yoga on a careening ship. Does anyone suffer from the same condition? Any advice? Waiting it out seems like the only solution besides doing those exercises prescribed for vertigo patients, but it’s hard to know if those drills really help you or not. Sigh. Patience.


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