I remember going through a more extensive version of this when I was in college. I forget what I was then. According to this simple chart, I am INTJ mostly, but can be INFJ sometimes. And another interesting thing to note is, pre-immigration, I was clearly ENTP. It’s interesting how circumstances change you. Or do they? Or maybe circumstance-induced changes leave you internally conflicted? Stuff like this borders trivia, but sometimes it is fun to analyze your personality. Which one are you? Click for larger visual and check it out.




I love this video that went viral couple weeks ago. Not only because this foreigner is singing one of the most encouraging and beloved songs in Korean pop culture, but he seems to understand that it’s really easy to connect with Koreans by singing together. It’s one of those cultural things, but when I was a child in Seoul, singing together with friends and family was a very important aspect to the bond and kinship we shared. Speaking of Seoul, this video was captured at the subway station of my hometown in Seoul. I hope you can watch the whole thing. It’s really moving. You may not understand the lyrics that is about unchanging love and friendship, but you can feel the spirit of the song.

Took a short trip out there. Even with the harsh drought that we’ve been dealing with these couple years, the mountains and lakes didn’t lose their splendor. So thankful to be living in California. Something about the nature and its grandeur always humble me and help me regain proper perspective in life.

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