Between road trips and whatever else that got me occupied, I kept forgetting to reorder these capsules. I finally remembered, and they arrived the other day. I must have been super elated when I opened the door and saw the mailman with the Nespresso box in his hands. He couldn’t help but laughing at me. I feel pretty silly for blogging about my coffee replenishment, especially when this is not even a sponsored post, but hey, Nespresso is really good coffee, what can I say. I really enjoyed early morning walks to the neighborhood Starbucks in the interim however, so I might switch it up every now and then. It’s the simple things. I’m thankful.


It’s this annoying thing that started about four years ago after I fell and hit my head hard on an icy trail while snowboarding. This is the third episode since then, not counting the milder ones here and there in between. I wouldn’t call it debilitating, but definitely self-limiting, especially when you’re trying to log a certain mileage per week for an impending marathon. Also makes yoga impossible when downward facing dog makes you feel as if you’re doing yoga on a careening ship. Does anyone suffer from the same condition? Any advice? Waiting it out seems like the only solution besides doing those exercises prescribed for vertigo patients, but it’s hard to know if those drills really help you or not. Sigh. Patience.

We drove up to Monterey Bay for some music and good times. Beck was phenomenal. Next morning we saw about five big whales jumping in and out of water. All we had was our iPhones and couldn’t really capture them since they were about a mile out in the ocean. Nonetheless, we were able to see them making big splashes with those unmistakable tails following into water. It was pretty special.

IMG_6083 IMG_6048 IMG_6051 IMG_6059 IMG_6052 IMG_6061 IMG_6067 IMG_6075 IMG_6096 IMG_6087 IMG_6099 IMG_6102 IMG_6108




















This made me laugh. Don’t you think we long distance runners can’t help but feeling pretty badass after running twenty something miles? James Bond or the actors who played him never ran a marathon. Come on!

Portland Marathon is coming up. Putting some pressure on myself these days to go the distance every morning that I’m out there. Frankly, I’ve never been this underprepared for a full marathon compared to all my past marathon trainings at this juncture. But, I think I have just the right amount of time to get creative in my training to get the most out of it – focusing on efficiency. Happy running!

Back in 2008, I had the amazing privilege of exploring Okavango Delta, Botswana. It is the largest inland delta of the world, attracting a dense congregation of diverse animals. National Geographic is running focused features on this enormous wetland this month, and I came across this video on their site that not only filled me with nostalgia but the desire to go back. Enjoy.


My friend Caroline got hired to play at a summer music festival that is held annually in Sun Valley, Idaho. We used to have this tradition where I’d follow her to her off season gigs which invariably happen in obscure yet beautiful towns in America, and we would explore the surrounding outdoors together turning it into a nice summer getaway. That tradition kind of naturally came to a halt when she got married and started having kids. But now that she’s in Oakland close to her family who willingly and happily takes care of her kids who are now old enough to be away from their mom for a little while, we are back at it again. I took too long to make up my mind to join her, so by the time I got online for flight reservations, the ticket prices were through the roof. When left with no choice but to drive 900 plus miles to Idaho, I actually got….super excited!

Only my close friends would understand this about me. I am so cool with solitude. I get energized by it. I could only manage small amounts of socializing with a group of people or with strangers, whereas one to one meaningful and stimulating conversations could never tire me out. I’m just built that way. I’m not shy, but I’m definitely an introvert in terms of how I find strength and recharge my inner battery.

I stopped at Salt Lake City, Utah for a break and awesome coincidental concert by Ray LaMontagne at beautiful Red Buttes Gardens. Next morning, explored SLC a bit – the Temple Square, etc – and then headed north. From Virgin River Gorge on, the I-15 Utah proved to be a magnificent drive with all the national parks lurking from the east.

Have you ever noticed how Arizona native saguaros magically appear in abundance as soon as you cross the state border to Arizona, while you saw none of it from the other side? Same thing happened on this trip. As soon as I got over to the Idaho side, the landscape changed dramatically. It was equally gorgeous, but by then I logged over 10 hours behind the wheel, and my mind was finally giving up on the endless chatters and the drive was becoming a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go too far and the monsoon rain put on such a show on the vastly endless horizon, I managed not to fall asleep. And then I finally got there, to her charming barn house offered up by one of the sponsors of the festival. And then the fun began. We went about doing our thing as if we never ever took a break.

IMG_8479 IMG_8483 IMG_8489The American prophets, yeah?

IMG_8492 photo 4Yay, I’m here! The lovely barn house. We saw a darling little fox, dark brown fur and white tipped tail.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

All shows were free and open to public. Nice that art is appreciated in this town.

IMG_8498 IMG_8499 IMG_8500 IMG_8505 IMG_8507 IMG_8509

Craters of the Moon, a must see.

photo 5I had intended on doing a scenic drive through Bryce Canyon on my way back, but as you can see, the weather was a bit frightening. I also begrudgingly canceled my lodging by Zion Park, because the monsoon rain was not about to let me do my rave run in Zion as I planned for the following morning. Instead, I powered through Utah and Nevada and back to my good old California all in one day.

Right at about Barstow, I felt as though some mischievous gods elongated the I-15 as my tired eyes searched for the 210 freeway, my hometown highway.

My final stop before getting home was HK Market, a local Korean market. I chuckled as I picked up a few of my favorite spicy items and a bottle of SoJu. A Korean girl doesn’t live on Idaho steak and potatoes alone, even though they were pretty damn good. Just sayin.’




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