Dancing_eggplantDo they not look like two birds playing? They are eggplants that I found while shopping at Atwater Village Farmer’s Market. I couldn’t resist buying them just so I could take a picture like this.

Atwater Village is a Los Angeles neighborhood sandwiched between Silver Lake and Glendale. It seems like there is some new establishment popping up every time I go there, which has been pretty frequent since this summer. From creative workshops, yoga studios, taco stands, wine store, trendy bars to decadent bakeries, Atwater Village definitely has taken on a personality of its own, transforming what once was a neglected area into not only a livable community, but also a charming little destination spot for a resident from another city like me. I’m actually being really technical when I say from another city, because it’s only an easy 10 minute drive from where I am, but still.

I took some pictures of the actual village, so next post about it, I’ll be sure to provide more visuals.


I downloaded this image from someone else’s blog a while ago. Now I forget who the blogger was, so I can’t give him/her credit.

I went to John Burroughs Middle School in Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Back then it was called John Burroughs Junior High. When and why that changed, I do not know. Does anyone? If so, please fill me in.

We were told that John Burroughs was a naturalist who wrote many essays on his findings and observations. This quote is a first by him that I ever read, and I like it a lot.

I rarely ever wish that I was young or I could turn back the time, but his statement got me wishing that I was much younger, so I’d have more time to do all these things. Looking back at my life, I know I DID these things. I feel no lack in regards to letting my curiosity guide me. Maybe I’m just more acutely aware of fleeting time now that I’m much older. I think a lot about being more deliberate rather than mindlessly filling time with meaningless activities. How lucky are we that we have the luxury of choosing. So thankful.


I showed my shop at Artisanal LA last weekend. It’s a commerce show for food and craft makers, but most of them were food vendors. It was a decent success for my shop, and I am very happy that I got to hang up my paintings in a public market.

The experience taught me a number of things, but most importantly, sharpened my focus for what it is that my business needs to be. I worked really hard for many draining hours trying to fill the booth – a 10×10 box – with my paintings, prints and jewelry. I walked away realizing that the focus of my efforts needs to be art. Art. Do more painting. Create jewelry that is more about my artistic expression rather than trendy fashion stuff. Not that there is anything wrong with trends, but I realized that I started jewelry-making almost haphazardly, just because I wanted to and I could. Don’t get me wrong, they will continue to be wearable and fashionable. But I want everything that I make from here on out to be as authentic and artistic as possible, especially if I want to find gratification in my labor.

My local arts supplies stores offered a great discount for canvases last weekend, so I picked up a whole bunch. I can’t wait to start mixing colors on my palette.

IMG_8793 IMG_8794 IMG_8800 IMG_8808 IMG_8807 IMG_8810 IMG_8817 IMG_8820 IMG_8825


I’m not into TV. I really am not. The most I watch is Los Angeles Kings broadcast, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show or some Forensic Files episodes.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am HOOKED, absolutely hooked on NBC’s “the Voice.” It’s all because of this amazing old soul of old souls who is like Yoda for artists – Pharrell Williams.

Excuse me, have you heard of Pharrell Williams? I haven’t until I stumbled upon this show only because I stopped to watch Gwen Stefani who is a California native. My sister used to watch her for free in Fullerton bars before she ever became famous.

But going back to Pharrell – what an amazing person, artist and a sage.

Love him!

What’s that? It’s Monday night? Sorry, I’m busy. I have to watch the Voice. I have to hear what Pharrell has to say.

I have a weekly obsession. It’s like church with great gospel choir and a charismatic preacher. It really is. It really is.






I know that “Pencils & Brushes” section of this site has been grossly neglected. Many years ago, after UCLA, with life becoming increasingly fast paced as a working professional, painting eventually became a very cumbersome task because it takes up a lot of time. Lately though, things are changing. I finally got back in the groove of just letting go and enjoying the time spent standing at the easel. So here is one of the latest.  There will be more to share. I intend to keep up the discipline so that this part of who I am would come more to life.


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