the chronicles of a wondering artist

I started posting on Nomadicles back in 2012 after I made a decision to become a freelancer. Not only freelancing was something that I wanted to do at the time, but I also needed the flexibility in daily schedule as I finally set out to do the play production that was long time in the making. My sister thought that blogging would be a good thing for me as many freelance artists utilized their own blogs to help promote their businesses. A friend suggested “the Chronicles of a Wondering Artist” as a subhead as I positioned my blog as a visual journal of my journey into the unknown.

In the following weeks and months, it indeed has become the chronicles of my process of choosing a path of an artist as I stumbled through big projects, big losses, and the big move.

I am a revealer. I don’t hold things back when I share. I don’t hide skeletons in the closet. I am usually that person who addresses the elephant in the room — although in my posts I had been protective of people who are dear to me, thus didn’t share much about them, if at all.

I think my desire to share so openly has expired. Maybe, I’m finally growing up a little? Or maybe whatever the era that has started almost four years ago is coming to an end, and I’m sensing it as sure as a night-fall. It all stems from wanting to simplify my life and be more deliberate about my time.

Blogging definitely has been a cathartic experience for me just because of the events that took place during this time. Thanks to whoever and wherever you are for stopping in and participating in this brief period of my life.

You can still find me on my Instagram and my website, which I will continue to utilize as professional tools. I may share some personal bursts here and there, just for fun, such as the LA Kings are going to win the Stanley Cup this season, because they are the best. And that’s just the simple truth. I mean, right?


Thank you! And below are ways to keep up with me past this point:

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